Firmware v1.0.1 Update Released

Sena Technologies, Inc. released the firmware version v1.0.1 for the Bluetooth Audio Pack for GoPro which mainly includes:

  • Improved connection reliability with Sena headsets
  • Minor bug fixes in remote control from non-Sena headsets
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    Adam Inthapanya

    Really wished if you could update the AD2P profile of priority between music and bluetooth mic.

    It has happened occasionally by accident, where the phone call conversation was recorded onto the GoPro Video from the bluetooth audio.

    Wondering if this technology is being withheld, if so what are the reasons? Legal?

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    Myles Nunez

    Yes! please out out an updated that allows the user to switch between the audio pack recorder or and mobile device, or the holy grail of connections please allow the use of both music via a mobile device and the audio recording backpack

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