Can I listen to music from SR10 wired a music player?

Connecting music player to SR10 is not recommended. SR10 outputs mono audio which will diminish audio quality of stereo music player.

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    I have an older Garmin Nuvi GPS which includes an MP3 player. I have this connected to my SR-10, then to my SMH-10 headset. I hear music ok, and GPS route instructions will mute the MP3 player. I'm getting ready to hook up my J&M JMCB-2003 CB radio. I've purchased the SC-A0116 adapter cable to connect the SR-10 to the radio. Once this is connected, will the audio stream from the GPS be muted when the CB audio line is active?

    (BTW - Being older and having diminished hearing capability, the loss of stereo effect is not a problem for me.)

    Robert Carr

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