Sena Headsets - Which ones Support the Group Intercom Feature.

The following Sena headsets support the Group Intercom feature:

  • 10U
  • 10C - Will soon be available in a firmware update
  • 10R
  • 10S
  • 20S


The Group Intercom feature for these headsets can be used to easily connect multiple headsets together for an intercom conversation. 


To use the Group Intercom feature on the 10U, 10C, 10R and 10S, pair multiple headsets together using the Intercom Pairing method. Once the headsets are paired together then you are can activate the Group Intercom feature on one of the headsets. This will cause all of the paired headsets to be connected together for an intercom conversation.


Only the 20S can use the Sena Smartphone App to create and manage an intercom conversation between multiple headsets using the Group Intercom feature.



Other headsets that are not o this list will be excluded from the intercom conversation when the Group Intercom feature is activated.

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