Sena Headset - Pairing with the Harley Davidson Boom Infotainment System.

A Sena headset is not able to pair to the Harley Davidson Boom Infotainment system because that system was not designed by Harley-Davidson to be paired to Bluetooth headsets. That system is only able to work with wired headsets.


*Note: The Harley-Davidson has Bluetooth built into the system but it is only limited to pairing with a smartphone for listening to streaming music.


However, if you want to be able to communicate over a paired smartphone, the built-in CB radio system, the built-in intercom system and listen to music from a smartphone or the FM radio then you will need the Sena FreeWire for the Harley-Davidson.
The Sena FreeWire allows you to communicate and listen to audio through the Harley-Davidson Boom! Infotainment System through a Sena Bluetooth headset wirelessly.
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