SM10, SMH10, 2 iPhones, & a Can-Am Spyder.

I recently purchased a Spyder RT and had them install the SM10 and SMH10 dual headsets. The Spyder has an input for the iPhone which relays through the bikes audio controls and the SM10 to synch with the headsets. I would like to have one iPhone paired with one SMH10 separately and both SMH10s paired with the SM10 and the 2nd iPhone would be connected to the Spyder. When riding with my wife this will give my wife a connection to her phone separately from my phone which is connected to the Spyder, but still allow her and I to share the Spyder audio, and we can both use intercom. So how would this work? What is the pairing order to make this work? Thanks in advance.

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    I have a 2014 Spyder ST Limited that has a 7-pin DIN connector to be used with an Ipod or an Android.  The issue is that the DIN connector and one of two cables (onbe for Ipod and the other for Android) is for player INPUT.  In other words, these cables allow an Ipod or an Android to provide music that can be played by the Spyder's Radio.
    My issue is that I don't want to hear the music on my Spyder's speakers. I personally find music played by motorcycle riders to be annoying.
          *** What I do want to do is play the Spyder's AM/FM radio through Bluetooth to my helmet.
    There is an item that can be purchased from BRP ... 219400458 ... which is basically a Sena SR10 PLUS a proprietary BRP cable that goes from the Spyder's radio to the SR10. There is also a wire that comes from the Spyder radio that also plugs into the 219400458 to provide power.  This kit is horribly expensive ... $290 CAD.

    Can you describe your set-up in more detail, please?  As in ... you say that your RT had the SM10 and SMH10 dual headsets installed by your dealer.  Did you purchase the 219400458 package and is that how you can play the RT's radio to your headsets?


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