SMH10 - Pairing to all functions of my phone.

I have a SMH10, version 5.1.
I can pair the device directly to my phone and receive media (a2dp), or I can pair it in Phone selective and get phone audio (HFP)
But I cannot seem to figure out how to get it to handle all of these functions at once. 
Am I missing a setting or do I need an app, or is this intentional in the programming?

Will I need to purchase a motorcycle GPS to pair and allow me to use the phone for music and calls?

I use my phone for Media playback as well as GPS via the Garmin Offline maps app. 
My phone is a Galaxy note 2, running CyanogenMod 11 via the stable release channel. 
No other bluetooth headsets I own have this problem, so I know this issue is specific to the Sena device. 

I have attached screenshots of the Bluetooth Properties page. 
Any help or info would be appreciated here. 

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    kartik r
    I have the same issue now . it was working for me earlier though
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    Make sure the firmware of the 20S has been currently updated to v5.1.1 the please perform a Factory Reset on your SMH10, remove the SMH10 from your Samsung Galaxy Note 2, power on the SMH10, then place it into Phone Pairing mode by holding down the phone button for 5 seconds until the LED changes to flashing red and blue rapidly. Scan for the SMH10 in the list of devices on your phone and select it when it appears. Do you still have the same results after this process? 

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