Sena Bluetooth Headset is compatible with other Bluetooth Devices.

Yes, as long as the Bluetooth device that is being paired with a Sena headset supports the following Bluetooth profiles:


HFP and/or A2DP


Bluetooth devices:


MP3 Player

Bluetooth 2-way radios

Bluetooth dongles

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    Brad Woodlief

    I have been using my SENA SMH10 for a couple of years paired up with my IPhone 4S.  I just bought a Garmin Zumo 350 and would like to pair that up.   Any direction on how to do this?  I also have a hard wire for the Garmin Zumo that goes to the SENA.  I would like for the Zumo to chime in when directions need to be given.  But, I would like for my telephone and music to work and play correctly otherwise.

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    Dionisie Lupanciuc
    Is Sena 10c compatible with Oneplus One?
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