Changing the Voice Prompt Language on My Sena Bluetooth headset.

In order to change the language of the voice prompts on a Sena Bluetooth headset you will need to download the firmware for that specific language for your Sena Bluetooth headset. 

1. Please visit and locate the web page for your headset.




2. On the page for your product, click on the Downloads tabs.


3. Click on the Firmware History link.

4. Click on the SELECT A LANGUAGE drop down menu and select the language that you would like to change the voice prompts to. This will bring up a prompt that will allow you to save the firmware file to your computer.



5. Start the Sena Device Manager, which can be downloaded from here After your Sena Bluetooth headset has been recognized by the Sena Device Manager you will be in the Firmware Update section of the program.

6. Next, click on the button labeled Browse…

7. Now, locate the firmware file that you selected and downloaded it to your computer and click on the button at the bottom labeled Update. The headset will begin installing the firmware with the voice prompts in an indicated language. Once done, the voice prompts will now be in the foreign language of your choosing.

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    Vic Hyman

    Could we get the option to choose male/female voice and what nationality? (I.E. Scotland or Australian)?

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