Explaining Bluetooth Profiles Used in Sena Headsets.

All Sena headsets use the following Bluetooth profiles:






Here are what those Bluetooth profiles mean:


HFP/HSP: Hands Fee or Headset Profile. This is commonly used to allow hands-free devices to communicate with mobile phones. HSP has minimal controls including the ability to ring, answer a call, hang up, and adjust the volume. HFP has additional controls, such as last number redial, call waiting, and voice dialing.


A2DP: Advanced Audio Distribution Profile. Is commonly used to stream music from one device to another. For example, music can be streamed from a mobile phone to a Bluetooth headset.


AVRCP: Audio/Video Remote Control Profile. Remote control for a device. For example, you can use a headset to play/pause/forward track/back track music on a mobile phone. AVRCP works in combination with A2DP.


Intercom: Allow voice calls between two Bluetooth capable headsets, over Bluetooth.


All Sena headsets have 2 HFP profiles available and 1 A2DP and AVRCP profiles for pairing to Bluetooth devices.


However, certain devices can be paired to a Sena headset so that they will be using 1 of the 2 available HFP profiles and the 1 A2DP and AVRCP profiles. For example, a smartphone can be paired to a Sena headset using Mobile Phone Pairing method for phone calls which will use the HFP profile and listen to stereo music (or GPS directions from an app) which will use the A2DP and AVRCP profiles. Another example is that a GPS device such as the Zumo 660 can also be paired to a Sena headset using Mobile Phone pairing which will allow it to use 1 of 2 available HFP profiles for GPS directions and the 1 A2DP and AVRCP profiles for listening to stereo audio from the GPS device.



Certain devices can only use specific Bluetooth profiles. The Sena SR10 is only designed to use HFP/HSP. The Sena SM10 is only designed to use A2DP and AVRCP.

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    Jim Dickerson

    So if ...Certain devices can only use either the HFP profile, such as the Sena SR10, or the A2DP profile, such as the Sena SM10

    If I Bluetooth my smart phone to the Sena 20S for music and phone calls it's using A2DP... is there any way for the SM10 to work using the HFP?


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    @Jim: If you pair your smart phone to the 20S using the Mobile Phone Pairing method then it will be using A2DP for music and HFP/HSP for phone calls. There is no way for the SM10 to use HFP because it is only designed to transmit stereo audio using A2DP.

    That sentence has been edited to make it more clear.

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    Leo Wiggins

    Anyone know which versions of the profiles that Sena supports. I have a JVC KD-AVX77 stereo that offers the following Bluetooth profiles & version:
    HFP 1.5 
    A2DP 1.2 
    AVRCP 1.3

    And haven't been able to figure out the best way to successfully pair a SMH10R with firmware v5.1.

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    With the recent 20s firmware 1.6 update, can you clarify what profiles (and priorities) are used when doing a GPS pairing (section 5.4.1)?

    My current experience was that from factory reset, doing a pure GPS pairing will result in mono audio and no playback controls (not a2dp and no avrcp).

    If I do a 2nd mobile phone pairing (section 5.2), and then clobber that with a gps pairing (5.4.1) without deleting any pairing on either the sena 20s nor the zumo 660, I get the GPS paired, with a2dp unexpectedly, and with partial AVRCP (missing the "previous" command).Rather odd. And many other users cannot achieve that, with other zumo 660/665 or 590.

    I cannot tell either if the intercom would be interrupted or not by the GPS instructions since I don't have a 2nd headset for now. Can you clarify this too?


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    Sena, I can also affirm that pushing and turning the jog dial does indeed advance the music to the next tune, but the "previous" command is also missing.  (Zum0 665). 

    I had previously tried a 2nd phone pairing with the Zumo, but the audio is not in stereo. It's mono.  But when paired as a GPS, my Zumo 665 provides stereo.  

    And on Dan's other point regarding intercom interruption:  With two of us sitting in the house with our helmets ON, we tested extensively.  My friend also has a 20S (at my recommendation) and a Zumo 665.  On the first attempt to pair the Zumo to the Sena, we did GPS.  We got stereo music.   Then, we tested intercom interruption by the Zumo lady, Zumo beeps, Zumo alerts, etc.  At first, it was a positive test.  The Zumo activity did not interrupt intercom.  But after repeated tests, the Zumo began to totally blank out intercom audio.   Our music was also playing; which did multi-level with Intercom usage.  But that didn't work with the Zumo routing instructions at all.  

    I hope this gives you even more information for your engineers to work the bugs out. 


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    Today I finally tested the firmware 1.6 on my 20s with a friend (who is on the smh10r)

    The GPS pairing prevents correctly the GPS from interrupting the intercom as we all wanted.Thanks a mllion!

    Also, the music sharing finally works too with the smh10r!

    This firmware is a big win, guys.



    Now, to the next thing we paid for and that doesn't work: the ambiant sound and audio boost levels...


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