Sena Headsets that are compatible with my helmet.


 - Good fit for full face helmets & open face helmets

 - Never have any problem with any full face helmet or open face helmet

 - Pretty usable for flip-up helmet except some models

 - Cannot use with some flip-up helmets: BMW System 6, Schuberth C3, HJC Sy-Max 3, Nolan N104 (Boom Microphone could not reach to mouth because of sun visor switch)

 - Pros: Installation is easy



 - Best fit for all type of helmets: full face helmets, open face helmets & flip-up helmets

 - Never have any problem with any type of helmet

 - Cons: Installation is pretty tricky because of the attachable wired boom microphone.



 - For those who want simple installation and have full face or open face helmets, Sena recommends the SMH10-10.

 - For those who want a perfect fit, Sena recommends the SMH10-11.

 - For flip-up helmet users, Sena recommends the SMH10-11.


*Note: For half-helmets, the SMH clamp kits SMH-A0303 and SMH-A0305 are compatible (depends on helmet design) because of the earbud adapter for sound output instead of speakers. In addition, the SMH10 is also compatible (depends on helmet design) and can be used with the earbud adapter (sold separately).


SMH5/SMH5-FM fits all full face, open face, and flip-up helmets. Does not fit half helmets.

SMH10R fits all helmets. Half helmets require earbud adapter for sound output instead of speakers.

SPH10H-FM fits most half helmets.

SMH3 fits all helmets.

Others without helmet (SPH10, Expand)

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    The SMH-10 cannot be mounted on my Schuberth C-3 helmet because of the way the collar attaches to the rim of the helmet.  There's no available rim for a clip-type mount.  

    Luckily, you have the 10R which simply sticks to the side of the helmet.  However, it's hard to feel the buttons with full-finger gloves on.  I would much rather have your jog wheel. 

    So, I'm anxiously awaiting the new Sena 20S.  I want one really badly and have even pre-ordered.  But I can't get any information from retailers on the 20S mounting.  My questions are:

    1.  Will the 20S be mountable on the side of the helmet like my 10R?  

    2.  Will there be a way to utilize a wired boom mic?  


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    Gerald Mathison

    I have a HJC SY-Max 2 Helmet. Will the SMH10-11 install OK on this helmet? I am concerned the space from the clamp area to where the helmet closes when flip down.

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    @Gerald: Here is a picture of the SMH10 attached to a HJC SY-Max II helmet with the chin bar flipped up. This picture shows the Glued Surface Mounting adapter but you should have no problem with the clamp kit.

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    Gerald Mathison

    Thanks for the picture showing the SMH 10 mounted on the helmet. It looks the same as my helmet so it should mount OK.

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    Susin Carter

    Trying to fit this unit with a half helmet that does not have a y style ear strap.  It is a harldy davidson HD-s1v helmet.  Any suggestions?

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