Using a Voice Dialer on my iPhone/Android Phone.

After performing the Phone Pairing method your headset, tap the phone button once to bring up Siri on the iPhone.

Note: When you bring up Siri and speak my command, you notice that Siri continues to "listen" -- albeit to ambient road noise.  In other words, the Bluetooth microphone is too sensitive for Siri and she can't tell when you're done speaking. The only solution is to press the Siri icon on the phone once you're done speaking the command in order to force Siri to stop listening and process what you have said.



Updating the iPhone to the latest version, iOS9, has improved the responsiveness of Siri to make it a better experience of using this voice dialer with a Sena headset


On an Android phone, tap the Phone button on the headset to bring up a menu that states “Complete action using”. Select the “Voice Dialer” and if you choose, you press on the check box where it says “Use this action by default”. Now every time you press the Phone button on you headset the phone’s Voice Dialer will be activated. If you do not see this menu when you press the Phone Button on the headset then that means that an application other than the Voice Dialer is trying to be opened. If so, then go into your list of Applications and then go into the Manage Applications mode (refer to your phone’s manual). Next select each application separately and go through each application to look for the “Launch by default” section. If “Clear Defaults” is not greyed out and can be selected then click on “Clear Defaults” to allow you to choose with application such as the Voice Dialer to used when pressing the Phone button on your headset.

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    Dean Vietri

    Hi All

    I have and HTC one and use the Google Now appliction, this caused me no end of hassle and the voice dialer would not work. I reset my phone, reset my Sena without success.

    After much fiddling I found the following which solved all my hassles.

    Google Settings, Search & Now, Voice, "Ok Google" Hotword Detection, this was set to ON, turned it off and all my troubles were solved.

    Also worth checking the Bluetooth Headset box is checked at the bottom.

    Hope this helps.




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