Updating the Firmware on the Prism Tube.

Here is how to update the firmware on the Prism Tube.


1. Go to the web page for the Prism Tube here http://www.sena.com/product/prism-tube/.

2. Go on the Downloads tab (circled in red).


3. Click on Firmware History link.

4. From the SELECT A LANGUAGE drop down menu, click on ENGLISH.

5. A prompt will appear to download the PRISM_T.bin firmware update file. Save this file anywhere on your computer.

6. Insert a microSD card inside of the SD card slot on the back of the Prism Tube.

7. Connect the Prism Tube camera to your computer using the provided microUSB cable. Make sure the Prism Tube is powered off.

7. When the root folder for the microSD card appears on your computer, copy the PRISM_T.bin file to this folder.





8. Unplug the Prism Tube from your computer.

9. Power on the Prism Tube camera. The firmware will update automatically.





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